Decolonize Your Moon


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Registration for Cohort 2 of Decolonize Your Moon opens on September 2nd! 

This is our virtual moon lodge to gather, share, and learn about the following themes:

Why is our moontime ceremony?

Menstrual cycle phases

Cycle tracking to avoid or achieve pregnancy

Rewriting our first moontime stories

Guidance for preteens and teens

And much more!


In our dedicated online classroom, you’ll guide yourself through weekly modules containing informational videos, reading, and journal prompts for self-reflection. Share what unfolds for you in our BIPOC-only private Facebook community. To further integrate and connect, we’ll have two live meetings over ZOOM.

This is everything you WISH you had learned about your moon cycles, taught from an authentic Anishinaabe perspective.

This is a people of color only space – free of cultural appropriation and centered on the wisdom and experiences of Indigenous people. Youth ages 14+ are welcome to attend and watch/listen along with their adult parent or caretaker. Registration is priced per family – I encourage viewing as a family to bring awareness to menstrual cycle health and dismantle shame!
This class is for you if:
*You’ve ever wondered why our elders say we can’t do certain things while on our moontime
*You’ve ever felt left out of community or cultural events due to being on your moontime
*You’re the parent of a tween and you’re preparing to answer those awkward period questions
*You want to authentically connect with your culture, without the push and pull of outside influences
*You want to rewrite your painful period stories and leave shame behind
*You want to know how to flow with your cycle, rather than against it
*You want to learn what period products will work best with your needs and desires
*You want to transition off of artificial birth control and take control of your reproductive health
Your investment: one-time payment of $297.00USD OR two monthly payments of $148.50USD
For your investment you get:
+6 modules of downloadable content 
+6 weeks of journal prompts
+2 BONUS modules
+First Moontime Guide printable workbook
+Moon Cycle Wellness for Two-Spirit Youth printable workbook
+3 special guest instructors
+Private Facebook community group access
^^Moontime as personal ceremony
^^First moontime stories
^^Moontime medicine wheel
^^Decoding my bleeding
Guest Instructor Daniella Morales, Chicana
^^Phases of the menstrual cycle
^^Balanced blood loss
^^Period self-care
^^Period Products
Guest Instructor Sarah Maria, Mexika
^^Moontime Wellness for Two-Spirit Youth
^^First Moontime Guide
Guest Instructor Joy Davis, Anishinaabe
^^Cycle charting and fertility awareness method
^^Defining my values
BONUS MODULE: Breaking Up with Birth Control
^^Womb health from an Indigenous perspective
^^Restorative womb self-care treatments
BONUS MODULE: Womb-Loving Tea Blends
^^6 herbal tea blend recipes
^^How to work with loose-leaf teas
We begin on September 14th!
This class is for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color ONLY, including mixed-POC and children of various global diasporas. Our instructors create a welcoming environment for menstruators of all gender identities and expressions. This is an explicitly Trans, Two-Spirit, and Non-Binary inclusive space.
Your instructor:
Raeanne Madison, MPH
Crane Clan citizen of the Ojibwe and Mexika nations
Raeanne is a familiar face in many tribal communities across the Great Lakes region. She has traveled extensively in her Rez Runner teaching and sharing in circle about menstrual cycle health with people as young as 5 years of age. She is bringing her menstrual cycle knowledge ONLINE for the first time ever – as a virtual hug to reach the communities in times of isolation and disconnection.
*If you are White, PLEASE respect the boundaries I have set and DO NOT contact me about being in this class. If you have financial privilege and would like to pay it forward, please sponsor a registration fee for a BIPOC person by purchasing a registration and leaving me a note that states this is a sponsorship.
**This is NOT an online class that teaches you how to conduct specific Anishinaabe moontime ceremonial practices. You’ll need to take tobacco to your elders to learn that.**