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Postpartum Healing Lodge: I Come to You! 

Birth is a ceremony that breaks open the doors between this world and the next. Birth is an experience that both ruptures and repairs the mind, body, and spirit. Our traditional postpartum rituals, wisely passed down from our ancestors, complete the birthing ceremony and protect the birthing person from illness and fatigue. These rituals close the door between worlds.  

The postpartum care I offer is based on the principles of warmth, nourishment, closing, and kinship. This care is for you if: 

  • You recently had a baby, and you are wondering WTF is going on with my _________? (We’ve all been there!)
  • You want to connect with your Indigenous heritage, but you’re not sure where to start.
  • You wish to be free of pain and infection after birth.
  • You wish to make abundant milk for your babe(s).
  • You want the post-birth bleeding to slow down and STOP as soon as possible.
  • You love eating GREAT food and you love not having to cook for yourself even more.
  • You know that this time of life is sacred and will only happen this once!

Postpartum rituals are done in the family’s home anytime immediately after the birth to the first 2 years postpartum. This invaluable investment in your health is $200 per day for up to 4 days. All services are customized to the birthing person’s unique needs. You can choose from any of the services listed in the section below. New to traditional healing? Contact me for a complete description of what I can offer you. 

Important notice for COVID-19 and cold/flu season:

At this time, I am offering limited in-person postpartum care to select clients only (referrals + close friends and family). I am not conducting full postpartum home visits to the general public; however, I am happy to offer meal-preparation and doorstep delivery. Get the details here.

I also offer virtual doula services on a month-to-month basis so I can support you wherever you are in the world. Get the full details and sign up here.

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Service Area: I work with Indigenous and non-Indigenous people of any age, tribal affiliation, or family configuration. I service the greater area of the Eastern Upper Peninsula, with an emphasis on supporting Indigenous peoples from the territorial homelands of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians and the Bay Mills Indian Community. 

Comprehensive services I offer:

  • Peri-Spray & Vaginal Compress
  • Womb Care (La Faja & El Bano de Vapor)
  • Cerrada Las Caderas (Intuitive Shaking & Closing of the Bones)
  • Postpartum Limpia (With or Without Medicinal Sitz Bath) 
  • Postpartum Massage with Herbal Body Oil
  • Catering/Meal Preparation 
  • Traditional Teachings: Placenta Burial, Umbilical Cord Care, Cradleboard, Mossbag 
  • Newborn Care: Elimination Communication 
  • Lactation Support
  • C-Section Recovery 
  • Grief & Bereavement Support 

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