Postpartum Healing Lodge: The Class


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In this one-of-a-kind, fully online course taught by an Indigenous instructor, you will learn how to use ancestral wisdom to restore health and wellness in the postpartum period.

In this class, you will learn:

  • Cultural teachings about birth as ceremony and postpartum as rite of passage.
  • How to ethically integrate traditional teachings into your birthwork practice.
  • What’s REALLY going on in the body, mind, and spirit after birth.
  • How to prepare healing meals and teas for postpartum health (recipes and instructions included).
  • How to prepare a pain-relieving postpartum herbal bath.
  • How to restore blood loss and support abundant lactation.
  • Cultural teachings for the newborn – including cradleboard, mossbag, and placenta/umbilical care.
  • How to serve families who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss.

This course is taught from an Ojibwe Anishinaabe perspective and centers the experiences of Indigenous people of the Great Lakes region.

This space is intended for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) only, including mixed-POC and children of various global diasporas. 

The course intentionally uses gender affirming and inclusive language in reverence and respect for Two-Spirit, Queer, Trans, and Non-Binary relatives. Please only enter this space if you’re willing to fight for equity and equality alongside our Trans relatives in true accordance with our Indigenous kinship philosophies. You don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to TRY. #Decolonize 

This class is for:

Indigenous and other people of color who are committed to returning ancestral traditions to the communities to which they belong.

Anyone who wishes to heal their ancestral lineage and repair the soul wounds inflicted upon Indigenous Americans.

Anyone who holds knowledge with integrity, free of cultural appropriation.

Pregnant/parenting people, relatives who wish to restore their traditional kinship models, midwives, doulas, lactation counselors, experienced and aspiring birth workers.

Course Format:

  • 8 modules that introduce you to postpartum healing from an Anishinaabe perspective
  • 2 bonus weeks of education and mentorship for converting your postpartum practice to a telehealth/virtual doula format
  • Convenient, dedicated online teaching platform so you can plug-in from wherever you are {Teachable}

+In-depth video demonstrations related to module content

+80+ page course companion book with module chapters PACKED full of teachings, special recipes, study questions, worksheets, Anishinaabe traditional plant monographs, stories, and prompts for your personal growth

+ Recipe Guide PACKED full of meal and drink ideas for the immediate moments after birth through the first year postpartum – all tried and tested by real life clients

+Weekly LIVE video meetings over Zoom (recorded for your convenience)

+Very active and engaged Facebook community of practice with over 160 Indigenous birth keepers from around the world

+Bonus study and discussion group meetings


Womb Wellness

Traditional Foods

Blood Building

Herbal Medicine Baths

Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Cradleboard and Mossbag

Placenta and Umbilical Care

Traditional Birth Work Practices

Bonus Modules: Virtual Postpartum Care

This class has a special emphasis on traditional food, plant, and tree knowledge for postpartum healing. We will be journeying with cedar, white pine, red willow bark, maple, yarrow, bee balm, traditional tobacco, and more. At the end of the class, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Here’s what previous course participants had to say about their experience:

“As a Naturopathic Doctor & Birth + Postpartum Doula Raeanne’s course Postpartum Healing Lodge was a beautiful way to deepen into this wisdom, and connect with others in Circle. Raeanne is an amazing teacher and guide. I am so grateful for the knowledge & wisdom she lovingly & reverently shared with us. Being in this class felt like a Ceremony in itself.” ~Jacqui 

“This class inspired me to put more value into myself and gave me the confidence to work with clients.” ~Ruby

“This knowledge is completely different than any other class out there. It helped me remember that reconnection to culture is ALWAYS possible.” ~Lindsay 

“This class awakened something in me, and inspired me to pick up medicines that I had set down long ago.” ~Crystal 

Pre-requisites: It will be super helpful (but not required) if you have previously taken either formal or informal childbirth education, whether through your own self study or experience. This class picks up right where childbirth education leaves off, and while we will be diving deeply into the postpartum experience on a physical and spiritual level, we will not have time to talk in-depth about the physiology of birth.

Your community needs you, like, yesterday! Therefore this class is designed to guide you to step into practice right away. Upon completion of the coursework, you’ll be prepared to conduct 1-4 days of specialized postpartum healing care, or 1-4 weeks of virtual doula care, to families of newborns using the foods, herbs, and traditional practices to support their journey. You’ll also receive a foundation of skills to continue learning and deepen your practice for providing care and companionship to families who have experienced miscarriage, abortion, and infant loss if death doula or full spectrum work is part of your calling.

Whether you’re an experienced birth worker or brand new to this work, I am ready to hold space for your growth as we step into the fullness of our collective medicine.

Registration for this course is currently closed.

Check back for the dates of our next cohort in July 2021!

**At this time, I am not able to accept payment plans or installments. If you have an employer that can sponsor your registration fee, I’m happy to submit an invoice – contact me for more details.

***If you are white, PLEASE honor my boundaries and do not contact me about being in the class. I am firm about keeping this space sacred for people of color to reconnect and reclaim our ancestral legacies. If you’re a white accomplice with economic security and financial privilege, please consider sponsoring a registration fee for a BIPOC community member.