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For birth workers, community members, and professionals who serve Indigenous communities.

Ancestral Wellness Practices

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Birth is a ceremony that breaks open the doors between this world and the next. Birth is an experience that both ruptures and repairs the mind, body, and spirit. Our traditional postpartum rituals, wisely passed down from our ancestors, complete the birthing ceremony and protect the birthing person from illness and fatigue. These rituals close the door between worlds. This is the postpartum healing lodge.

Meet Raeanne

My English name is Raeanne Madison and I am a Crane Clan citizen of the Ojibwe nation, and also carry Mexika and Dutch ancestry. 

I’ve dedicated over a decade of service to working with new families in the realms of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting. A natural teacher and practicing postpartum doula, I’ve had the honor to teach thousands of community members, professional staff, and elected officials about Indigenous resilience and excellence.

Postpartum Healing Lodge

10+ years protecting the waters of life


My Happy Clients!

You remember your birthing experience for the rest of your life and I felt like I was torn in half. I was so preoccupied by my child that I had forgotten about myself. The treatments I received, the closing of the bones, teas, and a postpartum massage, made me feel whole again. Our ancestors knew what they were doing and it's imperative that we continue these traditions. Chi miigwetch for helping me become whole again.
Thank you for thinking of me during this difficult time. Everyone is always so excited for a new baby during birth, but forget about the mom. I appreciate your thoughts of me during my healing. C-Sections are no joke.

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Postpartum Healing Lodge: The Program

“I don’t know how I survived without it!”

“It works better than anything they give you at the hospital. I will never give birth without this again.”

Postpartum Healing Lodge: The Class

“Our culture is like the seeds of a flower. We have to spread the seeds to keep our culture alive.” -Abuela Celia

Workshops for birth workers, community members, and professionals who serve Indigenous communities.


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Postpartum Healing Lodge