I did not use all of the services that Raeanne provides as a doula, since I was leery of doula services since I had complications and a premature baby. Raeanne met me in the hospital postpartum, and she brought me a herbal peri-spray (Epazote and hojas d aguacate). This was a MIRACLE SPRAY! My perineum was so sore and it burned, any kind of movement was miserable. I was using the lidocaine spray and tucks pads that the hospital provided, but they did not help one bit in comparison. I used the spray as a compress and let it sit on my perineum like a pad. It was so Amazing! She also brought me a customized blend of tea that had nettles, lemon juice, and maple syrup since I was slightly anemic. She also brought me champurrado that her and her daughter made for me. The tea and champurrado were delicious, exactly what I needed post-partum. A few weeks post-partum I started having some symptoms of anemia again, and Raeanne brought me a delicious chile to help build my blood. I would not hesitate to use Raeannes services again. She is very knowledgeable in all things to do with carrying babies, birthing babies, along with care of the mother post-partum. She is very genuine and kind and offers good information to helping take care of yourself and your newborn.
Raeanne offered her postpartum doula services to me during the most vulnerable time of my life, the time that I needed support and kindness more than ever. She came into my home and nurtured my body, mind, and soul. When she left I felt empowered and rejuvenated. Her energy left a lasting impact on me, helping me to better understand the fact that I must be loving to myself so I can be a loving mother to my daughter. I will forever hold a special place in my heart for Raeanne as I honor the teachings she gave me. Her vision and work will transform the postpartum experience thus transforming communities.
You remember your birthing experience for the rest of your life and I felt like I was torn in half. I was so preoccupied by my child that I had forgotten about myself. The treatments I received, the closing of the bones, teas, and a postpartum massage, made me feel whole again. Our ancestors knew what they were doing and it's imperative that we continue these traditions. Chi miigwetch for helping me become whole again. 
Thank you for thinking of me during this difficult time. Everyone is always so excited for a new baby during birth, but forget about the mom. I appreciate your thoughts of me during my healing. C-Sections are no joke.